Tate Collective After Hours: Magdalena Abakanowicz

  • Jessica Ingram
  • Abigail Busenze

An exclusive chance for Tate Collective to explore the show, plus drop into our meditative letter writing workshop to experience her works through your own lens We're keeping Tate Modern open after hours exclusively for Tate Collective! Get ready to immerse yourself in Abakanowicz’s forest-like world of sculptures. Discover her towering works made from woven fibres. Plus, experience her special three-dimensional textile works called Abakans. After the show, drop into our meditative letter writing workshop, inspired by Abakanowicz. The workshop offers a peaceful moment to look inwards and explore your emotions through a letter to yourself. For centuries letters have been an intimate channel into a person's life. They connect our inner thoughts to our physical state. We’ll guide you to use Abakanowicz’s sculptures as inspiration to write your own. Led by journaling pro Abigail Busenze and Tate Collective Producer, Jess Ingram.