TATE FILM TRAILER 2019 | Creative Producer

  • Aya Kaido
  • Harley Yeung Kurylowski

Tate Film's cinema program trailer for 2019 Produced by Aya Kaido Edited by Harley Yeung Kurylowski Music by Nkisi - track from '7 Directions' (UIQLP002)

Tate Film's cinema programme is a stage for unique encounters with artists' film in all its forms.

Structured into three strands – Pioneers, Artists' Cinema and Counter-Histories – our cinema programme brings together works by artists and filmmakers who seek to challenge the conventions of the moving image and to examine its evolving role in visual culture.

This series presents retrospectives of filmmakers and artists whose works have proposed new approaches to the moving image.

This monthly series presents previews, premieres or unique presentations of works by emerging and established artists, followed by a discussion.

This series presents thematic programmes that challenge stereotypes of movements in film and art history.

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