Telekom Electronic Beats "In Conversation with Gorillaz"

  • Becki Ritchie
  • Lucy Boyd
  • Alex Ingram
“Get ready for the online event of the century - a live audience with me, Murdoc Niccals. Thanks to our comrades over at Electronic Beats, you can watch me and 2D live on the sofa and ask anything you want. Or just tell me how much you love me. But keep it clean, yeah?”
Murdoc Niccals, Gorillaz
Being a ‘virtual band’ has previously prevented Gorillaz from doing live interviews… until now. To celebrate the launch of their album 'Humanz' and the new 'Lenz' app, Telekom Electronic Beats invited Gorillaz’ Murdoc and 2D to take part in their first ever real-time live interview, hosted at London’s YouTube space by BBCRadio1’s Mistajam and streamed live.
Using the latest in motion capture and mixed reality technologies, fans were able to tune in to see the characters take part in an entirely live and completely unscripted 30min interview.
A launch event was held at London's Spiritland, where the new app was presented by the Telekom Electronic Beats team and the interview was streamed live. Media were then able to take part in their own real-time one to one interviews with the characters at the YouTube space.