Telia rebrand 2016

Telia are on a journey to become a new generation, customer-focused organisation. To achieve this, it needed a radically better brand.

From the start, Wolffolins put customers at the centre of the experience. Wolffolins worked with a cross-discipline team like me working directly in code to test concepts quickly, generating shapes and colour, mocking up interactive prototypes, with 3d printers and arduino connected to web interfaces.
This brand was designed to work in a customer’s hand – on their watch, mobile, tablet and TV. The pebble is its defining icon. It has a ripple of bright colours and as every customer is unique, so every pebble is different. Built in 3D and designed to move, it can be replicated in a range of software environments, and helped define a typeface.
The system is adaptable and encourages creative interpretation. Overall, it’s a positive and colourful expression for a new generation telco.
“The brand is vibrant, exciting and signifies the change we aimed to create. People are surprised how much it influences them”
Anne Gro Gulla, VP & Head of Brands, Telia Company

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