Ten Handy Apps for 2018

Whilst developing, curating and connecting ideas for our own app, we’ve been admiring fellow innovators in tech - especially those having an impact for the better!

Here’s our top ten nifty apps that promise to give routines a refresh and change your life positively, even if it's just brightening up your work commute or teaching a little meditation.

Got your WiFi ready? Let’s go!

Audible is the answer for all busy bookworms that don’t have time to read, by giving users the ability to listen to books on the go. Whether you’re doing your laundry, cramped in a busy commuter train or just laid on the sofa, there’s a narrator and thousands of books waiting for you at the other side of your earphones. Be sure to take advantage of the 30 day trial, giving you your first audiobook free!

Whether you’ve just landed in the Big Smoke or you were born there, DOJO is a gem of an app for finding new things to do. Regularly updated restaurants, bars, activities, exhibitions, experiences and more are listed, reviewed in a personable tone and vary from completely free to past times of luxury. Bang, you can’t say you’re bored with this one! (If you’re in London that is, fingers crossed for a DOJO worldwide).

It’s a shameless plug but we’ve worked so hard on our beautiful new app! Now from the screen of a smartphone, you can upload uni/work/freelance projects to a slick and regularly curated feed, crossing disciplines of design, tech, fashion, media and more. What’s more, you’re able to tag collaborators or credit yourself in work you’ve been part of, catching the eye of the best brands and world leading companies that post jobs to The Dots' playground of inspiration and opportunity.
Android is in progress, watch this space

Do you ever just wish you could read a book in a blink? Now you can, as Blinkist have already evolved 2,000+ non fiction books into powerful packs of knowledge and insights that you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. There’s 3 million users at current and many more to come, with its promises of digestible education. Download iOS

Calm was chosen as Apple’s 2017 app of the year for its graceful ingenuity, easing up the trickier parts of life such as sleep, anxiety, mindfulness, self care and more. The app gathers a myriad of music, breathing exercises and audio guides, helping to bring clarity and relief whenever it’s needed. What’s more, the app is supported by mental health experts for its proven capacity to make a real change. We particularly love the Sleep Stories - night night!

Invoices, accounting and expenses do not have to be a chore any more! Xero is the sleek and helpful online platform for accounting and payroll - the angel on the shoulder of over one million people, small businesses and their advisors. With a super easy UX and constantly improved design, it’s definitely a friend you should make this year.

Not only do Airbnb start adventures away from home with the click of the mouse, you can also find your faraway hideout from the scroll of your phone. Booking and browsing can’t get much easier - nor can gazing at the wonderful and whimsical homes of others, new experiences and local tips that only real people can provide and tailor directly to your interests.

We Transfer is an easy breezy app too, in the form of a content portal. It can be used to collect sound bites, imagery, videos and more to send to friends, family, colleagues and clients around the globe. There are no size restrictions, and boards can be sent via any messaging channel, straightforward and reliable right from the app.

Monzo is soaring into the sky when it comes to banking. It’s totally new and built for the smartphone. Updating balances instantly, sending intelligent notifications and being a godsend for international transactions (no interest is added when using your card, and Monzo states the amount in your home currency too). Ever woken up from too many drinks and forgot how many drinks were bought? No problem, Monzo tracks your spending and allows you to set budgets! Recently, the app has stepped it up a notch by providing a full current account service.

In less than 5 years, Slack has ballooned to over 9 million weekly active users. It’s the tip top app for working lives, creating a smooth online environment to chat, organise and share without disrupting the physical space. The app is especially great when working from afar, with efficient tools for online meetings. Honing in on communication, collaboration and contemporary needs, Slack is speeding into the future with a chirpy and likeable outlook (you’ll have to use it to know what we mean).

We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to sneak one more in the list when we heard about OLIO, the app that is connecting neighbours with one another and local businesses so that left-over food can be shared and consumed. Roughly one third of food produced in the world for human consumption is lost or wasted every single year so OLIO is making a positive dent, however small, into that 1.3 billion tonnes of waste, whilst simultaneously strengthening community bonds. Download iOS

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