Tendrils | Max Cooper, Trust @ epok.tech

  • Eoghan O'Keeffe

Interactive music visuals for Max Cooper's Emergence AV collaborations project.

As featured on Google Chrome Experiments.


The visuals are an emergent physical system of interacting particles.
Complex organic forms emerge spontaneously, from simple interactions at the individual scale - in a fluid-like advection, particles recursively affect and affected by the field of motion.


Forms in motion, interact spontaneously, knitting emergent interconnections.
A continuous reflexive process — coheres through ascending scales of complexity; recurs through cycles of entropy and order.

Moving through scales, evoking natural forms:
From primordial matter, forms; ovum, animal...
Through self; community...
Towards interconnection; cohesion...
Led the project visuals - concept, development, project lead.
Collaborated with Max Cooper (music, Emergence project), and Joe Murrél (video editing).

A creative response to Max Cooper's amazing Emergence audio-visual project. Evolved out of an experiment I made exploring an aspect of fluid dynamics. I'd been fascinated by Max's works for a long time (in particular his collaborations with Andy Lomas), and was really excited by the opportunity to work with him to create something between our visions.

This turned into a marathon passion project over a long period of evenings/weekends. It was also a place for me to freely explore ideas and expressions, and to experiment with new techniques and technical challenges.
Check it out on:
  • The interactive music visuals site.
  • The recorded video.
  • Google Chrome Experiments.
Or have a look at more work-in-progress images below: