Terms & Conditions - Legal Clinic for Creatives

  • Aries Moross
  • Swakara Atwell-Bennett
  • Andrew Odong
  • Alec Dudson
  • Blaize Henry
  • Zeinab Batchelor

Terms and Conditions is the first in a series of events by intern and Pesa Productions which sets out to empower the next generation of creatives by helping them to navigate the legal landscape.

Creative work holds tremendous value and in the age of social media, work is easier to find, copy and steal than ever.
Emerging creatives need help protecting their work so that they can thrive and intern’s mission is to support this demographic and smooth their journey into a creative career.
At Terms and Conditions, we’ll be making sure our attendees learn how to protect their work from a legal standpoint. From freelance contracts to copyright and licencing, we’ll be helping them cover their backs and providing them with access to legal professionals who can offer tailored advice.
On the night we’ll be joined by Mr Bingo, Kate Moross, Kara Atwell-Bennett and the team from Freeths LLP, who will be sending specialists in contract and employment law, intellectual property and copyright from their staff of 850. First-hand anecdotes from our creatives and solicitors alike will help you to understand the law surrounding your work and how to ensure that it protects you, rather than catches you out.
To book a regular ticket, providing access to the event and all of the talks, or a premium ticket with a 1-to-1, click here.