Terrific Tuscans: online course

  • Sarah Hyndman

3 x half-hour episode recordings for you to enjoy and learn from in your own time

How and when this highly ornamented style originated, weird and wonderful mash-ups of wood type type in America. Discuss Tuscan’s links with Empire and India.

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Fonts are like magical time machines. They transport you to different times and places. They conjure up stories of decadence, revolutions, transformation and ingenuity.

Draw-along with this playful and fast-moving online series that will introduce you to key moments in the history of type. Amazing back stories will bring the styles to life before your very eyes. A Spotify playlist will immerse you in the atmosphere.

Drawing along is a superpower that gives you typographic x-ray vision. Clarity to see the shapes that make a style unique. Physical experience of how they’re formed. Science shows that drawing by hand can even help you remember better.

1 topic: Terrific Tuscans (3 episodes) £8

Whole course (24 episodes) £40

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“I was curious about typography but wasn’t sure where to start. This playful, fast-moving online series was the perfect introduction. Thanks Sarah for your infectious enthusiasm and fun approach to teaching.” Gabby Hoad

“Sarah is a fantastic tutor, gives historical context and encourages us to think beyond letterforms into social and aesthetic implications. Can’t recommend it enough” Mina Bach

These are the recordings of the highly popular Typography life drawing series that was broadcast live in 2020. If you missed it last time you can catch it now.

Terrific Tuscans drawings are by Olivia Krawczyk, @minarama, Sarah Wilson, Mina Bach, @stircreativenz and Kat Gaska (left to right, top to bottom).