The Adnams Wheel - Campaign and Outdoor Activation

  • Oliver O'Malley

The Adnams Wheel is an innovative way of injecting Adnams message into the UK conveying to everyone what they stand for; creating award winning products and being sustainable in the process. The inspiration came about from research into Adnams Zero waste pie chart, showing that ZERO of their waste goes to landfill and is reused for other purposes. Using a solar powered LED light display similar to the Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel in LA, displays a decorative and animated pie chart showing that Zero of their waste goes to landfill. #alltastezerowaste The imagery and messages are inspired by Adnams '4 Pillars of sustainability' (Waste, Water, Carbon, Biodiversity).

An example of how imagery can be applied to the solar powered led system.
Offline Touch Points
The Adnams Ferris wheel is a pop-up Ferris wheel that travels around major cities and music events. With these choices of location, it is very flexible in targeting their audience of 18-50 years old.
The passengers are greeted with an Adnams beverage within the ticket price and a free pack of playing cards that have their sustainable story illustrated within the design; a way of informing the customer discretely when playing and enjoying themselves with their friends. Adnams as a brand is spread, since it is an item people will keep and reuse, introducing new people about Adnams.
Alongside the Wheel there are other points of contact and activities to engage the target audience and drive the campaign further:
- Spin the Wheel (free drink, discount vouchers, trips to Adnams hotels etc).
- Beach hut themed bar (bringing a little taste of Southwold to their door step).
Utilising the ferris wheel in typography helps to promote when they'll be in a specified city/event and emphasise the Adnams environmental message.
Informative coasters can be used as another asset to spread the message of their environmental friendliness, being used in their range of hotels, pubs, and pubs outside of Southwold also.
Online Touch Points

-Competitions to win tickets for stays in Adnams hotels and tours for their breweries to engage older and loyal customers.

-Competitions to win tickets for music festivals to attract a new younger audience.

-‘Snapchat competition’ that encourages people to get innovative just like Adnams have in order to run their business sustainably. Complete the phrase ‘All taste 0% Waste’Use #alltastezerowaste to get trending and heard.