The all-inclusive London club night run by women which prioritises the safety and fun of its clientelle

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"Pxssy Palace is doing something special for the trans feminine community...Pxssy Palace has made a name for itself as an all-inclusive London club night run by women which prioritises the safety and fun of its clientele. Its latest move has been to offer free taxis home for trans feminine people of colour.
Trans people of colour are often the target of hate crime and abusive behaviour and the move has been greeted with positivity from the community.
Nadine Artois, one of the founders of the club night, said that they believe club nights have a “responsibility” to look after their guests. 
“Our policy and the tools we use to implement it is how we fight against sexual harassment and violence,” she said.
“Trans femmes of colour are the most at risk to these forms of abuse so now that we have substantial, regular guests and followers we are in a position to offer our most vulnerable guests a safer way to travel home.”
Stonewall research in 2017 found that one in three LGBTQ+ people of colour has experienced a hate crime in comparison to one in five white LGBTQ+ people.
Additional research into the trans experience released in January of this year found that more than two out of five trans people avoid certain streets to stay safe and almost half fear or avoid using public restrooms due to assault.
“So often we require trans femmes of colour to bring the party, give the aesthetic, bring the noise – but never care about how we are getting home,” said Travis Alabanza – a performer and writer who praised Pxssy Palace on Twitter for “putting action to a politic”.
“Within and outside the community we face heightened violence, are often ostracised and the most attacked and although this move from Pxssy Palace doesn’t stop all that, it recognises the structural ways oppression effects our social lives.
“Myself and a group of trans friends read the message last night and let out a sigh of relief and a smile. In a climate that often erases our struggle, it felt important to be recognised and heard”.
Pxssy Palace's next event is an alternative Valentines special, LUV URSELF, on the 16 of February. It features DJs including Munroe Bergdorf, Jess Ajose, Ellie Prohan, Taylormade and Nadine Artois.
People who would like to make use of the free taxi service, which will pay for transport home within the central London area out to Zone 3, are asked to email Pxssy Palace before the day of the event.
The taxis will be paid for by donations on the door and fundraisers. 
Donate to the crowdfunder to support Pxssy Palace's taxi fund here"


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