The Army - With Heart. With Mind. Officer recruitment campaign

  • Linn Frost
For six years in a row, the British Army had been experiencing a steady decrease in application numbers for regular Army officer roles. They gave us the brilliantly challenging brief to turn that around.Research showed that today’s graduates are looking for challenge and genuine responsibility from day one in their career. They want to do something that makes a difference and are not driven by money as they used to be.We knew that a career in the Army provided all of this, fulfilling the desire to work with both heart and mind. This led to our first significant strategic decision. WITH HEART. WITH MIND.Those words sprung directly out of what it means to lead as an Army officer. So we took them as our overarching theme and built a out brand that showcased the role of an Army officer as a highly-skilled career that offers leadership, challenge and the opportunity to make a difference.We created a manifesto film to launch the brand. It took its inspiration from a speech given by General Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson, which features as the foreword in a book given to all new officer recruits on their first day at Sandhurst. Its emotive messaging added real depth to the brand and enabled us to successfully target the kind of graduates who not only wanted to learn and develop leadership skills but who were also driven by the values that are fundamental to being a successful Army officer.Take a look at the website here: