The Art of The Muscle Up | Documentary Short

  • William Roberts

Currently in production: ‘The Art of The Muscle UP’ is a short documentary film following the journey of best friends Callum Keen and Olli Anderson as they attempt to break the world record for the number of strict ring muscle ups performed in 24hrs. The film also delves into the appeal of Calisthenics, the bonding and shared experience which results from pushing boundaries, and the importance of raising awareness and resources for mental health. The film is a ‘passion project’ with no commercial budget and has been made possible through Orillo Films, who provided all of the equipment, crew and post production facilities. I pitched the film in September 2021 and was given the green light. As the director and editor, I really wanted to make the film as I found the challenge so unique, I wanted to dive in to psychology of the two friends and try to understand what attracts people to such physically and mentally demanding challenges. Trailer and instagram reels below. .