The Bacardi Boom

We live in a world which is full of conflict, hate and negativity. From war, politics, race, gender and even music. Amongst 18-24 year old music fans there is a growing amount of conflict between certain dance music genres such as House/Tech vs Bassline/Drum and Bass. Dividing people into separate genre silos. So why not mix these hostile tribes together and let Bacardi do the rest? The Bacardi Boom is the first immersive summer festival experience aiming to explode the toxic silos of dance music. Uniting the genres through the power of music and Bacardi. Featuring a four stage enclosed arena fuelled by Bacardis Central Boom Bar. With each corner of the Boom housing a different toxic genre, they will be strategically placed to encourage mixability. The Booms aim is to create an impact on summer festivals, giving the people an environment where they can be free, self expressive and come together and create unforgettable summer memories. Ending the genre war for good.