The Barnhouse @ The Lakes

  • Sophie Bicknell
With two distinct designs to choose from, the Barnhouse offers complete privacy in a lush woodland setting.

Built from green oak and natural Cotswold stone, the house takes its inspiration from traditional agricultural style buildings and architecture, but there is a distinct modern twist.

There is nothing merely functional here. Every contemporary comfort is catered for and there is a beautiful outdoor pool from which to escape the heat of the day.

Kate’s design vision is the perfect counterpoint to the traditional elegance of the Barnhouse. Her retro, playful styling creates a sense of displaced glamour hidden amongst the woods. There is so much to explore and enjoy here. Bespoke, hand-crafted furniture, artwork by Damien Hirst, The Chapmans and others, and bright pops of colour on walls and furnishings, all combine to make this family home “an indulgence worth treasuring”.