The Big Blue

  • Millie Morgan

Slow ripples; a feeling of weightlessness; tranquility. Water is soothing; from a luxurious bath after a long week, to the sense of peace a large body of water brings. In the pandemic, mental health is at an all time low, with many in a state of anxiety and fear. In a world that’s full of uncertainty, water holds a calmness, a steady presence. The movement is rhythmic; raindrops, the pull of the tide, the trickle and rush of a bubbling stream. In the motion we find comfort, a meditative quality. For those that love the experience of being in the water, they speak passionately of its benefits. It gives them a total body experience and an invigorating high. There is a balance here, for some the feeling of being submerged could be overwhelming and frightful, but for others it’s what’s needed to feel fully alive. This sense of overwhelm, is not necessarily a bad thing, it is what allows us to feel cocooned. To experience the water in its whole; the space, the movement, the play off between control and uncontrollable. It brings calm. Exploring weaving as a meditative practice along side the rhythm of Indigo dyeing, my samples aim to be calming in a time of chaos. Using natural materials such as organic cotton and wool, this project evokes a connection with nature.