The black British cultural renaissance will flounder if arts funding dries up

  • Yomi Adegoke
While Jeremy Paxman is hardly known for his tact, it’s still hard to believe he got away with asking Dizzee Rascal “if he felt British” on Newsnight in 2008. “Course I’m British, man.” Dizzee replied, bemused. “You know me. I’m here, man. What’s good.” Back then, our claim to “Britishness” perhaps felt more fraught – it was almost implicit that Dizzee’s sideways cap and use of the phrase “what’s good” meant he had no claim to it. But 10 years later, black British identity is stronger than ever – a culture that once appeared at odds with British society is increasingly central to it. And it’s no doubt in part because of an undeniable renaissance occurring in the arts for Britain’s black population, especially amongst the black working class, which is now more visible than ever. Read more at:
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