• Gemma Vardon
Johnnie Walker Red Label needed to increase relevance amongst the style-conscious 18 to 30 year-old UK man, whilst introducing them to the latest on-trend serve... Johnnie & Ginger
A series of bold collaborations from the brand culminated in The Boldest Wax
With facial hair gracing the faces of the boldest fashion-conscious men all year round, male grooming was at an all-time high
Johnnie Walker teamed up with East London grooming hotspot Huckle The Barber to create a moustache wax designed specifically to intensify and enhance the Johnnie & Ginger serve
Launched in three flavours that increased in ‘boldness’ depending on how fearless our guy wanted to be
A stylish limited edition range reflecting the Johnnie Walker Red Label brand and offering a commercial opportunity – the range sold out and the Johnnie & Ginger serve became the talking point in nationals, men’s media, and with lifestyle and fashion influencers

Daily Mail