The 'Creative Equals Night School': top trainers, affordable rates

  • Ali Hanan


Yes, it's live. Now. One of our commitments is to move the incredible female talent in London 'up one rung' with affordable training. So from just £40 on a Wednesday night, hone and refine your skills with top trainers like Vikki Ross, D&AD judge, Harriet Minter, ex-editor of The Guardian and Roxanne Hobbs, executive coach. Normally these classes are strictly for our Creative Equals' agencies, but to give you a chance to sample, buy the tickets listed below. Get what you need to do the best work of your lives, we say.

21 September
What’s your personal brand?
In a highly competitive market, you must stand out. Learn how to create your own personal brand, have a strong online presence and get more of the jobs you want. From creating your own identity to being ‘
 seen’ in the market place, discover how to stand out from the crowd.

Harriet Minter, ex-editor, The Guardian ‘Women in Leadership
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5 October
Write long and short copy
Take a look at some of the best long and short copy ads around. Be ready to write because Vikki has a number of exercises that will see you writing at length - and even more that will lead you to cutting copy right down to just a one-word sentence!
Vikki Ross, D&AD judge, copy guru.
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12 October
Finding your leadership style
Discover what authentic leadership is. Learn what it means to lead in the 21st century and understand the emerging styles of leadership as we move away from 'coerce and control' in to something new. How can the feminine, vulnerability and intuition have a place in your leadership style? What are the ways in which we move away from our authenticity? Find tips and ways to understand and step in to your own leadership style and maintain your authenticity.

Trainer: Roxanne Hobbs, executive coach
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19 October
How to sell your creative
What makes clients buy work? And what’s the best way to sell it? One of the industry’s top planners talks through ways to sell in work and how to deal with difficult clients. If you make the work, then here’s how to learn the art of selling it.
Trainer: Paul Shearman, ex_JWT Planner.
Published 14/09/2016 by Creative Equals