The Curious Confectioner's

  • Phoebe Man
  • Hannah Mayall
  • Adamandia Pashalidi Kozelj
  • Hannah Woodall
  • Laura Maria Rojas Valencia
  • Lakhi Soni

Wieden + Kennedy's annual Christmas window display celebrating 25 Years of independence.

In a team of six LCC students, the idea of W+K's 2018 window was to build a Christmas sweet shop to "tantalise your tastebuds and bring out everyone's inner child."
Inspired by the Victoriana era, the logo was to be a strong serif typecase. It was to be used on the storefront and packaging. The colour palette was hinting at Christmas but with a modern twist to contrast with the traditional logotype.
The window vinyl took inspiration from the traditional and historical architecture of sweet shops rather than more modern interpretations. Details using highlights meant the flat surface could be brought forward as if it were 3D. Then adding the gold-tone expressed familiarity and quality. The W+K team made some changes with swirls and simple patterns and shapes.
Since the window was set back, to get attention from people walking ahead, an aboard was designed for the pavement to turn to the main window. For an authentic look, the style was a handwritten chalkboard. Simplified to white with an accent of the gold-tone, the lettering was exaggerated to excite the essential information for a beautiful yet clear read.