The Daily Telegraph

  • Hannah Swanston

Transforming a traditional newspaper into a dynamic digital data-source for millennials via social and mobile. It had never been done before, but by strategically-combining the intelligent data, advanced-technology and forward-thinking editorial teams at the Telegraph, we achieved something most wouldn’t think possible: the creation of instant, ‘right time, right format’ content, shifting the Telegraph’s traditional perception from: “It’s just the paper that Grandad read,” to: “Wherever I go and whatever I do, I’m always up to date with what I want to know.” Above all else, The Telegraph exists to inspire people to have the perspective they need to progress in their lives, and by investing and utilising the power of data insights curated by Fetch's expert mobile teams, technological expansions in the industry, and by truly understanding how younger audiences are consuming data, we were able to simultaneously progress the Telegraph’s business models in line with their mission, whilst creating a revolutionary solution to help millennials progress in their lives


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