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  • George Betts-Priddy
  • Tom Dobbs

The Roundhouse ran a project at the beginning of 2014.12 young people were selected to attend workshops organised by teams from Block 9 (Glastonbury) and Bestival over the duration of 12 weeks. During these sessions individuals from both teams would give us advice from their valuable experience in a lecture environment. At the end of the 12 weeks we were split into 2 teams of 6. One team went to work alongside Block 9 on their installation at Glastonbury 2014 whilst my team went to work with the team from Camp Bestival to produce their new teen arena - 'The Den'. I headed the PR and Marketing of this area as well as on-site role as Stage manager and part of the production crew to build the area and dismantle. Duties include, creating the tent area, hiring staff, management & logistics, budget management of a £35,000 budget, programming & sponsorship sourcing. PR & Marketing duties included: Manage the implementation of the social media and national marketing strategy to boost brand exposure for The Den. Lead the team in the preparation, development and submission of social media campaigns. Select marketing campaigns and then pitch possible campaign evaluations. Responsible for coordinating the day to day posting of social marketing. Provide insights and feedback on performance of different social media channels, contents and campaigns. Assist with the managing and monitoring of analysis SEO content. Write and publish interesting SEO full 360° optimal content reflecting the brand and that engages with its audience. Maintain performance of blog / website / social media traffic via Google analytics. Handle media inquiries. Build and maintain strong media relationships. Raise awareness of profile / event / artists. Co-ordinate the preparation and implementation of media events and press conferences. Develop PR materials, media briefing documents, press releases etc. Lead / assist the team with events co-ordination, management and general admin & logistics.

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