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  • David Stell

With the warm summer months, the Dogs Trust planned a new campaign alerting the public to the potentially fatal consequences of leaving dogs in parked cars, even for just a few minutes. To help bring this campaign to powerful life, we worked with them to create a unique short film, highlighting the dangers. We filmed an ice sculpture of a dog melting, and time-lapsed the footage, resulting in a short, simple, yet surprisingly emotional nugget of video content. It was a long day’s filming, with the frozen dog proving somewhat stubborn about melting itself down to size, even under the glare of the studio lights. But the experience and technical expertise of our crew was equal to all the challenges which arose, and the final results speak for themselves! The film picked up over 15,000 YouTube views in just a week. It has attracted media coverage from the Daily Express, BuzzFeed, and Belfast Telegraph, amongst others, and garnered celebrity support on Twitter from Jodie Marsh and Johnny Vegas, who brought it to the attention of their combined 716,000 followers. This film won the award for ‘Best Use of Video’ category at the 2015 PRMoments Awards and was highly commended at the 2015 Evcom Screen awards.

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