The Folk Horror Reality of 2020: STAY HOME

  • Isaac Macpherson

Writing, directing, and editing my first professional short film was an unforgettable experience. The film took inspiration from my surreal perspective of the pandemic from the Dorset countryside; its natural summer beauty mired by the everyday horrors of a worldwide tragedy. The project took major inspiration from 70's Folk Horror, as well as the more recent works of Robert Eggers. Filming with a small crew in a variety of locations in and around Dorset, I project was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with some extremely talented young filmmakers and actors. It also gave me a unique insight into the production process. From the coordination of tight shooting schedules to production design and building props, the project was an exercise in DIY filmmaking at it's most invigorating. STAY HOME was screened at the 2020 Pinewood Showcase and Return of the Natives 2. It also made the selection for the Nottingham Young Filmmakers Festival and was highly commended at the Ealing Film Festival.