The Future of Natural Materials

  • Becks Collins
In 2017, a global cosmetics manufacturer wanted to understand the future of natural materials and how their business needed to adapt.
As Project Manager and Insight Lead on the 5 month project, I oversaw all work streams, including:
Project Planning - setting budgets, timetables and deadlines, creating bespoke insight and creative teams. Ensuring all things ran smoothly, on budget and on time.
Client Liaison - interviewing stakeholders, setting regular updates, adpating to evolving client requirements when necessary.
Research Management - finding and managing the right team of global experts, scientists, analysts, and artists. Conducting interviews, commisioning analysis, facilitating co-creation sessions and running consumer focus groups.
Synthesis and presentation - finding key insights and recommendations, developing a series of engaging, illuminating presentations
Creative workshop development - working with clients and creatives to develop a compelling, interactive client workshop, designed to immerse clients in the insight and guide them to make key strategic and creative decisions.
The project was a great success, resulting in two follow on projects and clients recommending the team to other business units within the company.