THE GREEN RAY — Canal Convergence 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona, US

  • Clare Brooks
If you watch the sun descending as it sets behind the horizon line you may be lucky enough to see a phenomena called the ‘green ray’.

Inspired by the appearance of this phenomena, THE GREEN RAY embodies the rising and falling of the Arizona sunset. The semi-cicrular sculpture floats just above the water level, using the reflection of the water to complete its form into a full sphere. Powered by using solar energy, the installation links our dependence on the life-giving elements of sun and water. At night, the installation becomes illuminated to create one full cycle of the sun’s movement. Gradually, the sun shifts through the hues of the colour spectrum towards a blood orange sunset, and finally at twilight, it reveals the fleeting moment of the ‘green ray’, before resting on the blue hour of the night. 

Role: Creative
Client: Scottsdale Public Arts
Exhibition: Canal Convergence 2018, US
Fabrication: Magnum Industries
Light programming: Dispersion
Designed and Produced by Jotta Studio