The Green Room Press

  • Weyland McKenzie-Witter

The Green Room Press, an audio editorial newspaper bringing you pieces from young black voices in the UK. You’ll hear from individuals on topics ranging from the struggles found in navigating interpersonal relationships, to the darker side of achieving fame in the music industry. The topics touched on by The Green Room Press serve not only to entertain, but to enlighten the audience to the experience shared by many black people in the diaspora. Welcome to the Green Room Listen Here : EPISODES : 1. In The Room W Lianne La Havas 2. Inside The Windrush Scandal W Jacqueline Mckenzie 3. Homeland 4. Scully on Cartoons 5. KABBA interview 6. Playing Games ft DVSN 7. You, Me & XR 8. Grave Danger Hosted by Reuben Arthur Produced by Weyland Mckenzie Powered by Transmission Roundhouse

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