The Guardian Podcasts Rebrand

  • Katie and Octavia
  • Octavia Welby
  • Katie Howe-Dalgleish

A holistic audio-visual rebrand & design system.

In 2020, the Guardian needed to future-proof its podcast family. They hadn't been updated for over a decade, and it was starting to show.

They needed a holistic rebrand of the podcasts' visual and audio identity. As well as a coherent approach to marketing their content.

Our idea centred around the theme of conversation. We described The Guardian's podcasts as a back-and-forth within each episode, and, beyond that, with every listener. This idea informed the look-and-feel of the idents, as well as the audio brief for the new sonic logo.

We worked closely with Chris Clarke, deputy head of editorial creative, as well as the Guardian's podcast teams and their global marketing team.

The designs launched in January 2021 and the sonic logo later that year.