The Ivors - rebrand

  • Simon Menhinick
  • Francesca Abbott

Revered by artists, an Ivor Novello is the most prestigious songwriting award in the world, focussing on the writing behind the work itself. With all categories exclusively judged by music creators, an Ivor Novello Award represents peer recognition for exceptional achievement across classical, jazz, screen composing and songwriting.

Everyone knows what an Oscar looks like, or a Grammy, or a Brit. But what about an Ivor?
Creating an Icon As part of the BASCA rebrand, The Playground were commissioned to rebrand The Ivors awards, making them fit for digital and more importantly creating an icon for an award that had long become unrecognisable to the point of obscurity. At the heart of the rebrand, a new icon would act as a literal figurehead for the brand and a marque of exceptional quality within the songwriting and composing world.
Rallying Point The Ivors statuette had never been depicted in a manner befitting its prestige. We created an iconic illustration of Euterpe - the Greek muse of lyrical poetry - forming an inspirational rallying point designed to inspire future award winners and a recognisable symbol for the awards themselves.