• Helen Kemp
  • Sinead Koehler
Do you spend every weekend covered in ink, clay or sawdust? Are you intrigued by how design objects are manufactured, which materials are used and what life as a contemporary craftsperson is really like? Maybe you need practical advice and a like-minded network to support your creative talent in 2016?

Join us at the Just Got Made Weekender on the 27 and 28 February, a show celebrating the UK’s Maker Revolution, which we are proud to announce is now taking place at the historic Somerset House, London’s centre of excellence for culture and the arts.

Our two-day show includes exciting craftspeople, micro-manufacturers and material specialists from around Britain, who will be showing off their skills, giving insight into their chosen professions and selling unique and original work. From heritage leatherworking to digital fabric printing, jewellery design to letterpress printing, the Weekender is a chance to meet like-minded maker enthusiasts and explore areas of contemporary making you may not have encountered before.

Alongside our exhibitors we will have fun and creative drop in workshops, exciting demonstrations and insightful talks, all included in the price of your ticket.

Professional makers can benefit from tips and Q&As in our free business advice sessions, taught by experts including The Design Trust, The Crafty Fox Market and the Crafts Council Talent Development Programme. Our informal networking breakfast on Sunday with our partner Design-Nation is a great way for creative professionals to meet new production partners and collaborators. Our approachable and knowledgeable exhibitors will be armed with samples, order forms and expertise about their goods, services and supplies.

The Just Got Made Weekender is a chance to explore, learn, connect and discuss craftsmanship with interesting makers and like-minded enthusiasts from all over the UK. Be part of the Maker Revolution!