The Kew

After a few thousand steps under the glistening sun of London, I sought shade. Not realising what my destination would be, I decided to walk for a kilometer or two. The walls beside me grew taller as the sun started to step down, cool breeze comforted me until I stood before a massive iron gate. As curiosity ignited I decided to feed it before I laid down to replenish my stamina. As I began to brivet around the lush green pathways, I could hear the leaves sway with the wind, some fell to the ground with elegance and some decided to explore a few feet. A map for those who wanted to know where they were heading lay folded in my backpack. For the first time in 6 hours, I knew where I wanted to be, right here, under the shade I sought for so long. I could finally breathe, the noise of the city filtered through the dense trees of this weald left just the chirps of the winged creatures and the creeks of the branches they called home. The Kew is a series of pictures that encapsulate my hunt for shade during the summer of 2019.


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    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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