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Vishal R S

Photographer | VideographerIndia
About me
Hi! My name is Vishal RS, born in a little budding town of Uttar Pradesh (Aligarh, India) in 17th Aug 1995 & brought up in Bangalore. My work focuses mostly on photography, videography, illustration & journalism. My keen vision to venture forth has brought me to the land beyond mine. My perspective widened as my brain started to develop new neurons. Besides the urge to experience, challenge & impact, I wish to explore. The simple idea behind being a part of something more than just my space teaches me more than I could do without.
  • Meet the Ramamurthy's: Together Across 130 Countries
    A world he was welcomed to has shown him more than he could now. At the prime age of 86, he longs to give all the kindness his heart envelopes. Sri Ramamurthy hails from a family of freedom fighters. Even at the age of 10, he was exposed to the Indian independence movement as his father, uncle, cousins, etc. were close to the leaders fighting the British colonialism.
  • Bricolités: A Mystical Cafe in Nice
    During these harsh times, all I can do is delve into a memory that brings peace to my mind. Hope it does to yours too! Stay safe creators! My backpacking venture engraved my neurons with cherishable tales from every path I took. I always sought peace in solitude, striking a conversation with a stranger, let alone one whose language I could barely speak, has been a challenge. Little did I know that all it took to connect was a smile. This story unfolded as my bloodstream sought caffeine and th
  • This Is Me.
    A little something for the people who wish to see what I've been up to or what you could do too. With a glint of sunshine that reflected from my lens, I walk. People talk about teleportation and it may have its quirks, but what if we had the ability to never succumb to exhaustion? The very possibility of living each day like its your last could be assured! Just the essence of walking along an array of paths, some paved by many and some you just risk it. It was a cold dry evening when a woman
  • The Bike Shed MC 2018
    Well, this was something! A day surrounded by tattooed women and bearded men holding a cold one and talking about grease and metal who in turn were surrounded by beings with a solid appreciation of monstrous machinery.
  • The Kew
    After a few thousand steps under the glistening sun of London, I sought shade. Not realising what my destination would be, I decided to walk for a kilometer or two. The walls beside me grew taller as the sun started to step down, cool breeze comforted me until I stood before a massive iron gate. As curiosity ignited I decided to feed it before I laid down to replenish my stamina. As I began to brivet around the lush green pathways, I could hear the leaves sway with the wind, some fell to the g
  • Chef Next Dorm
    I never flowed in the flood of people who took pictures of their cuisines, meant to be appreciated by the tongue and not by how many digital double taps it got. But after I shot a few myself, I realized how easy it is to be drawn to it. Having scrolled down through many instagram artists, one caught my eye, getinspired.mag. A chef first, then a photographer, created by my dorm mate Magda has cooked all her life and added some flavor and texture to the social media. Overflowing, plentiful, bright and crisp – Magda has an unmistakable visual style. Deriving from her flat-lay art style, my approach to this project was quick and clean. When it comes to food photography the time taken to get the right shot drops by half. But I cam to realize, with 3 point light source, the texture and moisture on these dishes illuminated greater taste and essence.
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  • any segment magazine issue 01 preview
    During a time where recognition for artists is becoming harder and harder, even when the market is saturated with such talented people, I decided to create a side project in order to give people wider recognition and deserving publicity associated with their fabulous work, a project that included a celebration of the modern art world and all the perceivable delights that come with it. It was also started in support of charity, for those who may be suffering the most at this moment. In the first
Work history
    PhotographerLet's Expresso
     - IndiaFull Time
    My role was to cover a plethora of events in the capital city of New Delhi, India. From new phones to new cars, everything worthy of the travel & lifestyle website of Let's Expresso.
    PhotographerChenji Communications
     - IndiaInternship
    Working for a mind that wandered in the world of National Geographic was truly an honour. I was tasked with hunting one to two stories every week from all around the country on India.
  • Abode Premiere
  • Street Photography
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  • Travel Photography
  • Travel Journalism
  • Canon
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  • Writing
  • Journalism
  • Photography
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    Bachelors in Design Fashion Communication DesignNational Institute Of Fashion And Technology, Bangalore, India
    Post graduate Diploma in PhotographyUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom