any segment magazine issue 01 preview

  • Anshu Sinha
  • Andrea Mountaine
  • Amy Hart
  • Vishal R S
  • Maciek Wojciechowski
  • Nygilia K. McClain
  • Bika Rai
  • edwin garcia
  • Nga Le Pham
  • Jenny Pudney
  • Helen Panayi
  • Perminder Dhillon

During a time where recognition for artists is becoming harder and harder, even when the market is saturated with such talented people, I decided to create a side project in order to give people wider recognition and deserving publicity associated with their fabulous work, a project that included a celebration of the modern art world and all the perceivable delights that come with it. It was also started in support of charity, for those who may be suffering the most at this moment. In the first issue I have concentrated on the theme of ‘Beautiful Mind’, where I decided to support Dementia UK. After many months of tireless efforts from not only myself but from everyone who has been involved in the making of the magazine, I’m overjoyed to announce that the first issue of any segment is now ready to view and purchase from my online website