Nygilia K. McClain

Nygilia K. McClain

Creative + DesignerNew York, United States
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Nygilia K. McClain

Nygilia K. McClain

Creative + DesignerNew York, United States
About me
My name is Nygilia. I go by Ny or Nyge for short. As an artist, I am passionate about storytelling and culture. My work compromises of mixed styles, combining skills in Graphic Design, Photography, Video, Illustration, VR Art, and 2D Animation.
  • Grateful
    GratefulA small collaboration project that reflects our own visions of what 2020 gave us. Everyone has their own perspective of life. Cheers to the new year and let 2021 be the next steps into brighter days. We have art to always keep going and making a difference. Artists: RJ Ivey (Represented by Project Leader, Nygilia McClain) Indeg Cameron Susheel Basra Charlie Jenkins Phillip Gallant
  • BLACK IS...
    BLACK IS...“BLACK IS...” is a brand platform concept to support the importance of Afro visual identities and to encourage conversation, illumination, and the reflection of experiences. IG: nygi_designs_ Image and video credit: Pexels *Credit of all artists located on my Instagram posts for "Black is..."*
  • Nike "Covid-19" Advert Concept
    Nike "Covid-19" Advert ConceptEdited clips together to create a surreal and motivational approach to Covid-19. Stay safe. I do not own rights to the Nike logo, slogan, music, or the clips. This is just a concept approach for video editing and portfolio development. Video Clips Credit (IG Handle): @pexels @cottonbro @pixabay @oleg.magni @trtdigital @bk_advtravlr @melodyjacob1 @adailtoncn @aleks.magnusson @kellymlacy @oneshotphotography.co @tea_for_taryn @mixkit_co Free videos, Gustavo Fringe, Bhargava Marripati, Pressmast
  • Femme Fatal
    Femme FatalA combined 2D and 3D experimental test. As a designer, I enjoy blending these elements to create new identities of storytelling. Instagram- Music Credit (@ kegzz) Video Clips (@ cottonbro)
  • Gold Whispers
    Gold WhispersAn experimental piece involving fashion collages. The purpose is to create a serene visual.
  • Photo-Illustration
    Photo-IllustrationEdited, Designed, and Illustrated photographs from Pexels. I used the work of artists below and enhanced their look, using futuristic and mixed media features. Photographers IG: @ mwabonje_ @ brestonkenya @ wallace_chuck_ @ sh.vets @ vividdportraits @ ezekixl @ pmboakye @ shademgmt @ moh_mckenzie
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Projects credited in
  • Ny's Speed Drawing
    Ny's Speed DrawingNygilia K. McClain used our "Funky Chillin' Band" music for one of her speed drawing videos. https://youtu.be/R8GXbj3PLUw
  • any segment magazine issue 01 preview
    any segment magazine issue 01 previewDuring a time where recognition for artists is becoming harder and harder, even when the market is saturated with such talented people, I decided to create a side project in order to give people wider recognition and deserving publicity associated with their fabulous work, a project that included a celebration of the modern art world and all the perceivable delights that come with it. It was also started in support of charity, for those who may be suffering the most at this moment. In the first
  • Speed Drawing "Natural Hair Theme" collaboration with Nygi Designs (2020)
    Speed Drawing "Natural Hair Theme" collaboration with Nygi Designs (2020)My track, Leave Me Here, accompanies this beautiful speed drawing video created by @nygi_xxv
  • Robot Boy
    Robot BoyA collaboration between myself and nygi_designs - electronic beats and bleeps melded with cool robotic imagery. A collabo made possible by The Dots!
  • The Last of Us 2
    The Last of Us 2Speed drawing project inspired in strong female characters.
  • Editorials #6, on the subject of love.
    Editorials #6, on the subject of love.Nygilia McClain
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Work history
    MediaMonks logo
    MediaMonks logo
    Junior CreativeMediaMonks
     - New York, United StatesFull Time
    Working remotely for Media Monks Team. Assisting the lead creatives and directors in concept development, designs, and interactivity for projects.
  • 2D Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Digital Arts
  • Branding Design
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Virtual Reality
  • Illustration
  • Video Art
  • Premiere Pro
    Animation MANorthumbria University
    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Learning 2D frame animation and VR design.
    The Dots logo
    The Dots logo
    MasterClass August 2019The Dots
    One of 30 Artists selected by "The Dots" for the August 2019 Masterclass Networking Event. Sponsored by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Shutterstock, and Moo.