• Nygilia K. McClain
  • Phillip Gallant
  • Indeg May Cameron
  • susheel basra
  • Charlie Jenkins

A small collaboration project that reflects our own visions of what 2020 gave us. Everyone has their own perspective of life. Cheers to the new year and let 2021 be the next steps into brighter days. We have art to always keep going and making a difference. Artists: RJ Ivey (Represented by Project Leader, Nygilia McClain) Indeg Cameron Susheel Basra Charlie Jenkins Phillip Gallant

"RJ" / United States

This is my personal submission. I decided to share my brother's work he randomly did on my ipad. He's 6 years old. I think 2020, to me, is the reflection of seeing him grow and change. His slow form in understanding creativity and how it calms his forever wild attitude.
"Indeg Cameron" / United Kingdom

I am incredibly lucky to have my own place and partner by my side throughout this year.

"Susheel Basra" / United Kingdom

The illustration is about my family and friends that I am grateful for and during the lockdown. It's a blessing for the technology we have for staying in touch and the access of protection to get around.

"Charlie Jenkins" / United Kingdom

I have made this because people should be grateful for even the small things we take for granted, like listening to music!
"Phillip Gallant" / Canada

I am grateful for the mock-up and the privilege!