Indeg May Cameron

Indeg May Cameron

Digital IllustratorNottingham, United Kingdom
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Indeg May Cameron

Indeg May Cameron

Digital IllustratorNottingham, United Kingdom
About me
My projects range from original illustrations, character design, and making zines. My work and style is influenced by my world experiences and interests. I'm currently experimenting with different concepts and methods to see which one feels good and inspires me to do more. Some sources of inspiration for me are conversations, music, memories and sometimes internet memes... Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. I look forward to collaborating with you!
  • Studying from Films
    Studying from FilmsCinematography in film is like a gold mine for artists. The people, body language, expressions, props, clothes, scenery, colours, compositions, angles AND editing are all curated by a team full of experts in their fields. One still image from a film can tell us a thousand words. This project involves studying and redrawing different film scenes of interest in order to experiment with and improve my colours, techniques, and story telling. Spoilers ahead!
  • A detail in a dream
    A detail in a dreamThis illustration reflects a detail from one of my own dreams I had in the past, finding a giant caged enclosure full of rare albino birds. It's an old dream but it was such a vivid image I could recreate it like this. On choosing the colour palettes, the cute pinks and greens set an uncomfortable contrast to the creepy subject of strange birds watching you. I think this makes the whole illustration unsettling but catches the viewers attention. The black and red version was created to help hi
  • Pet Beetle
    Pet BeetleI find that beetles and insects are perfect to study and create designs from. They are extremely diverse in colour, design, shape and habit. The beetle that features in this illustration is an Elephant Beetle, found in South America and other tropical climates. They are mostly known for their size as they span to 5-6 inches long! The inspiration for this piece also came from a twitter post shocked about their size, which included a photo of this beetle on a man's shoulder. I wanted to take it a
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Projects credited in
  • BODY TALK Print issue 1
    BODY TALK Print issue 1Body Talk zine is a global publication which is a collection of words and works by creatives around the world sharing their personal experiences and talking about mental health and body image. From using fashion photography to distort the perception of beauty to reading a comic strip for understanding anxiety, this zine uses off-beat methods of self expression to question society. Body Talk issue1 uses tactile experiences through various textures to shed light on the layers for an interactive e
  • BODY TALK ZINE digital issue one!
    BODY TALK ZINE digital issue one!Hey there! I’m extremely excited to share with you the first issue of Body Talk zine (digital version)! Body Talk is a platform I started during the lockdown that spreads awareness to break stigmas on Body Image and Mental Health. The zine is a collection of words and work from creatives around the world that share their own experiences or start a discussion on various topics under these subjects. Through photography, illustration, film, interaction design and many more mediums the zine helps co
  • Grateful
    GratefulA small collaboration project that reflects our own visions of what 2020 gave us. Everyone has their own perspective of life. Cheers to the new year and let 2021 be the next steps into brighter days. We have art to always keep going and making a difference. Artists: RJ Ivey (Represented by Project Leader, Nygilia McClain) Indeg Cameron Susheel Basra Charlie Jenkins Phillip Gallant
  • Digital Illustration
  • Illustration
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Character Design
  • Visual Development
  • Concept Artist
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of Kent
     - United Kingdom