BODY TALK ZINE digital issue one!

  • Christiane Lange
  • Indeg May Cameron
  • Stan Yeatman
  • Olena Zlenko
  • Keto Start ACV Gummies Reviews
  • Shakira Peronet
  • Jess Brittain
  • Esmé Wharton
  • Hannah Louise Murray
  • Shona Coyne
  • Sofia Cianciulli

Hey there! I’m extremely excited to share with you the first issue of Body Talk zine (digital version)! Body Talk is a platform I started during the lockdown that spreads awareness to break stigmas on Body Image and Mental Health. The zine is a collection of words and work from creatives around the world that share their own experiences or start a discussion on various topics under these subjects. Through photography, illustration, film, interaction design and many more mediums the zine helps continue the conversation. Taking advantage of the issue being online, I have tried to redefine and break boundaries of what digital print can look like and how user interaction helps in the reading experience. Therefore, it would be best to view it on your PC. Find the first issue through this link - If you like it please do share it to help me spread the message and play your part in bringing awareness to such important subjects. Thank you! ☺️