BODY TALK Print issue 1

  • Tammy Gede
  • Shakira Peronet
  • Werda Sudi
  • Indeg May Cameron
  • Olena Zlenko
  • Jess Brittain
  • Ella Dunthorne
  • Luana D'Elias Thomas
  • Alessia Angelini
  • Christiane Lange
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Body Talk zine is a global publication which is a collection of words and works by creatives around the world sharing their personal experiences and talking about mental health and body image. From using fashion photography to distort the perception of beauty to reading a comic strip for understanding anxiety, this zine uses off-beat methods of self expression to question society. Body Talk issue1 uses tactile experiences through various textures to shed light on the layers for an interactive experience filled with inspiring stories which help in understanding the topics. The goal of Body Talk is to break stigmas on a subject dipped in misinformation and shame, and to redefine beauty through awareness, creativity and collaboration. This issue also has a separate booklet on Covid-19 that contains stories of people during the Pandemic and methods of coping in such a chaotic world.