Issue 2

  • Tony Cruise
  • Kirsty Ho
  • Lauren Elizabeth
  • Nico Garcia
  • Simona De Leo
  • Adam Davies
  • Holly Harland
  • Sonny Arifien
  • Elise Gordon
  • Andrea Siegel
  • Jennifer Lewis
  • Sophie Rawlingson

We are a magazine that celebrates emerging artists and donates to charity, with each issue supporting a different one. Centring around all types of artists, including illustrators, photographers, writers and more, who tend to focus their time & energy around building an online portfolio, where they aren’t quite established yet or don’t carry the following they genuinely deserve, we offer a genuine platform where artists can collaborate and depend on the idea of being themselves, remain unique and not have to rely on other fields in order to be successful. After many months of dedication and tireless efforts, we are overjoyed to announce that the second issue of any segment is now ready to preview and purchase from our online website