Sophie Rawlingson

Sophie Rawlingson

Illustrator & ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Sophie Rawlingson

Sophie Rawlingson

Illustrator & ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm a London-based illustrator and embroidery artist, known for my vector style block colour drawings and textile work using bright colours. My favourite things to draw are plants, portraits & fashion accessories! In 2019 I joined London-based art collective and gallery Bleur. As a group we showcase work through exhibitions and selling pieces online. Bleur Art Gallery:
  • Woodland inspired Wall hangings
    Woodland inspired Wall hangingsSomething I’ve been wanting to make for a while now has been illustrated fabrics. While there are endless possibilities for things to make with printed fabrics, I started with making some wall hangings! I made two designs total, inspired by autumnal walks in the woods. I love seeing all the acorns and conkers about, as well as the moss green colours and reddish browns of the season. The two designs use similar tones and colours, and I love them both! Each wall hanging is 90cm x 90cm and printe
  • Mini Originals Take Two, Bleur
    Mini Originals Take Two, BleurDuring the first lockdown, Bleur gallery invited it's artists to create a series of mini originals to be sold for just £10 each, the idea being to encourage people to still support artists during a crazy time worldwide. The second lockdown was no different. The first Mini Originals I made were digital illustrations that were printed, but this time I wanted to paint individual pieces instead. I stuck with the theme of flowers - this whole year for me has been inspired by nature as they change th
  • Spooky Season Illustrations
    Spooky Season IllustrationsI spent the last two weeks of October focusing on drawing Halloween inspired illustrations to post on Instagram, as well as updating my website homepage to match. I had a lot of fun drawing things I don't usually draw. I'm looking forwards to next years Halloween already!
  • Autumnal Illustrations
    Autumnal IllustrationsI've made a real effort this autumn to start drawing with the seasons. Before I worked with an artist mindset - creating large projects that would span for months. Now I'm thinking more like an Illustrator - drawing more regularly and creating drawings with a quick turnaround. I'm even expanding my colour palette! This is to advance me as an illustrator - to develop my skillset with the things I draw - with the aim to get more commissioned work. Exciting! Check out my recent autumnal illustrat
  • Mini Originals Take One, Bleur
    Mini Originals Take One, BleurAt Bleur, an art collective/gallery based in south London, we recently released our newest group project, the 'Mini Originals'. The purpose of the A6 sized reasonably priced works is to encourage people to still financially invest in artists and their work, during this difficult time worldwide. The artists at Bleur are all different - some are more traditional and use paint on canvas or photography, while others like myself specialise in digital illustration & embroidery. For my set of 50 post
  • Unseen Animals - Kid's T-Shirt Designs
    Unseen Animals - Kid's T-Shirt DesignsI had a lot of fun coming up with a collection concept - I settled on drawing animals with human jobs or interests. I've always loved anthropomorphising animals and inanimate objects, and this was a great opportunity for that! To spot the animals in the wild, you just have to look close enough! From the ones that only come out at night, to the mismatched creatures of our deep seas, these t-shirts showcase some of the weirdest animals on earth. The first designs made are the Cowboy Snake, the Fa
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Projects credited in
  • Quarantine diaries #3
    Quarantine diaries #3Another piece for the series of articles on a day in the life in quarantine in Moonhood magazine. Written by Rita Leite and illustrated by Sophie Rawlingson Full story link below
  • Issue 2
    Issue 2We are a magazine that celebrates emerging artists and devotes 100% of its net profits to charity, with each issue supporting a different one. Centring around all types of artists, including illustrators, photographers, writers and more, who tend to focus their time & energy around building an online portfolio, where they aren’t quite established yet or don’t carry the following they genuinely deserve, we offer a genuine platform where artists can collaborate and depend on the idea of being the
  • Coronaverses Collective Issue 1
    Coronaverses Collective Issue 1
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    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    BA Hons Graphic & Media DesignUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Falmouth University logo
    Falmouth University logo
    Art Foundation Diploma in Art DesignFalmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    Skillshare logo
    Skillshare logo
    Skillshare X Dribbble - London Illustration 2015Skillshare
    Skillshare X Dribbble hosted an Illustration event in 2015. I went home with a trophy and first place award for Illustration, as voted for by others that attended, as well as hosts from the night.
    Stack Magazines logo
    Stack Magazines logo
    STACK Magazine - Cover of the MonthStack Magazines
    RE-VISION Magazine Issue 1 - to which I graphically designed - won Magazine Cover of the Month award in August 2015. As voted for by STACK Magazine Instagram followers!