Sophie Rawlingson

Sophie Rawlingson

Illustrator & ArtistUnited Kingdom
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Sophie Rawlingson

Sophie Rawlingson

Illustrator & ArtistUnited Kingdom
About me
Hi! I’m Sophie Rawlingson, an illustrator and artist based in the UK. I’m inspired by flowers, mutation, folklore, humans in nature and storytelling. I make things using digital drawing, painting, pattern, sculpture, textiles and design products. In 2019 I joined London-based art collective and gallery Bleur. As a group we showcase work through exhibitions and selling work online. Website: Instagram: Bleur Gallery:
  • Celebrate - Repeat Pattern
    Celebrate - Repeat PatternThis is the perfect pattern for wrapping paper and gift bags! Let this pattern celebrate your birthday or achievements with you. Please contact me for licensing opportunities.
  • Studio Sessions
    Studio SessionsYou can now watch my Studio Session on Bleur’s YouTube channel! My video guides viewers through using reference materials, digitising your outlines, and choosing colours. Video and photo content belongs to Bleur.
  • Spooky Season 2021
    Spooky Season 2021I wanted to paint on rather than carve out my pumpkin this year! I was deciding between a curving flower with sharp leaves, or a winding vines with rounded leaves - I went with the latter! To me the black filled shape felt spookier than leaving them as black outlines which is usually a marker of my style. I'm really happy with how it came out! I love making repeat patterns of flowers and leaves, and feel this kind of drawing would really suit anything from textiles and packaging. I loved paint
  • Bleur: Home Takeover Exhibition
    Bleur: Home Takeover ExhibitionI created a set of illustrations for Bleur gallery to use on social media to advertise their new exhibition series, ‘Home Takeover’. Text was added over my illustrations. The exhibitions were held during a lockdown, where bloggers curated exhibitions in their own homes using artwork from Bleur artists. People could watch the exhibition videos and Instagram live interviews on their phones / devices.
  • The Chain, for Teen VOGUE
    The Chain, for Teen VOGUEI was commissioned by Teen VOGUE to draw a portrait of Ruthie & Christina of The Chain, a non-profit peer support network for women in fashion and entertainment struggling with eating disorders. For the portrait, I reference a photo of them taken by Chelsy Mitchell and drew their objects of power around them: a mirror in the shape of a heart, a side-eye, bold lipstick and in-style fash-un sunglasses. They look confident in their gaze, and I wanted the illustration to generate the same energy.
  • Toucan - Enamel Pin
    Toucan - Enamel PinI designed this pin during my final year of university back in 2017. I wanted to do a photoshoot to go alongside the product, and really enjoyed creating an imaginary forest for him using paper cut-out leaves and gold stars for the night sky. It was a really enjoyable process where I got to go from a two-dimensional drawing to getting a pin made, to visualising a three-dimensional space for it to live! I am hoping to do more set design work in the future - but much more illustrative! You can p
Projects credited in
  • Quarantine diaries #3
    Quarantine diaries #3Another piece for the series of articles on a day in the life in quarantine in Moonhood magazine. Written by Rita Leite and illustrated by Sophie Rawlingson Full story link below
  • Issue 2
    Issue 2We are a magazine that celebrates emerging artists and donates to charity, with each issue supporting a different one. Centring around all types of artists, including illustrators, photographers, writers and more, who tend to focus their time & energy around building an online portfolio, where they aren’t quite established yet or don’t carry the following they genuinely deserve, we offer a genuine platform where artists can collaborate and depend on the idea of being themselves, remain unique a
  • Coronaverses Collective Issue 1
    Coronaverses Collective Issue 1
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    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    BA Hons Graphic & Media DesignUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Falmouth University logo
    Falmouth University logo
    Art Foundation Diploma in Art DesignFalmouth University
     - Falmouth, United Kingdom
    Skillshare logo
    Skillshare logo
    Skillshare X Dribbble - London Illustration 2015Skillshare
    Skillshare X Dribbble hosted an Illustration event in 2015. I went home with a trophy and first place award for Illustration, as voted for by others that attended, as well as hosts from the night.
    Stack Magazines logo
    Stack Magazines logo
    STACK Magazine - Cover of the MonthStack Magazines
    RE-VISION Magazine Issue 1 - to which I graphically designed - won Magazine Cover of the Month award in August 2015. As voted for by STACK Magazine Instagram followers!