The Kindred Brand

  • Louise O'Kane

The Kindred, founded by Danielle Wallington, is an online & in-person community that helps female founders set up & scale their businesses whilst providing connection, support & inspiration via other like-minded & ambitious business owners/community members. The Kindred approached LULACREATES™ to help with rebranding what was an already successful brand & community, Milknbiz, when its natural evolution and expansion had meant the existing name no longer truly reflected the brand's offerings. The client's inspiration was super graphical, typographical and oozing colour. So this was always going to be fun. The concept that the client was immediately drawn to was this on-trend grid structure with simple colourful shapes surrounding the brand name. This concept works to emphasise the togetherness that The Kindred community offers and the multitude of different and diverse businesses that make it up. At the core of The Kindred's framed logo sits more simplified logo/brandmark that consists of just the pink circle & beautiful typeface. It was intended that this element can be used independent of the full logo where more simplicity is required and, the pink circle, as an identifying brandmark that could be put to clever creative use through marketing graphics and communications.