The London Eye

  • Corrin Woollcott

Reinventing the Wheel - April 2022 The brief Everyone knows and loves the iconic London Eye, you can’t miss it gracing London’s skyline with its 32 pods (one for each of the city's 32 boroughs if you didn’t know!). But therein lies the problem; everyone is used to it, everyone takes it for granted! The London Eye is truly iconic, so we need to remind people that it's not ‘touristy’ or ‘something you did when it opened’. The insight We’ve been deprived of shared experiences and exploring the city over the last few years, haven't we! The London Eye represents the rise of the new London, opening in 1999, it redefined the London skyline at the turn of the millennium and is the only viewing platform that constantly reveals a new and unique perspective of the city. So, let's make it represent the resurrection of London, now that we’re free to explore and enjoy the city we know and love again. What we did To put the London Eye in a new perspective, we commissioned and executed a bespoke mural with street artist Penfold, piquing the interest of passers by and creating a stunty execution that sits outside of traditional ad formats to get people talking about the London Eye once more. Alongside this we created a bespoke content hub that allows users to rediscover the London Eye through different passion points (culture, wellness and history), showing how it’s an experience for all to enjoy. Important People were happy Imran Tauqir, General Manager, the London Eye says: “The London Eye and Time Out are synonymous with the city, both offering a chance to view the city through different lenses. We can’t wait to see Penfold’s installation brought to life and celebrate being able to enjoy London to its fullest once again.” Verra Budimlija, Chief Strategy Officer, Wavemaker says: “The London Eye is a well-known fixture on the London skyline, often the backdrop for some very exciting things happening in the city. Penfold’s art installation brings the magic to not only the incredible view it affords but the Eye itself, creating a unique, memorable and shared experience for visitors this Summer. It’s a suitably iconic installation for an iconic landmark, and we’re thrilled to have worked with Time Out to add value and a new dimension to the city we all love.”


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