The Moon Blood Diaries

  • Annie Elliott

This podcast explores the stories and experiences of menstruation with a collection of poems and reflections from all women and people who menstruate. Through the immersive landscape of ethereal vocal loops from Annie Elliott and folk songs, this podcast takes a deep dive into the ‘red sea’ of intimate and raw accounts, explorating the taboos, shame, the pain, connection to ancestors, how patriarchal society has affected all women and people who menstruate, and stories of menstruation empowerment, gender and inclusivity and discovering cycle tracking. With contributions from Jaimie-Lee Willoughby, Gigi Yuna Jacqueline, Angharad Iris, Amelia Rowe, Joanna Miles, Chantelle Blackwood, Fy, Ramona Flowers, Jen Rén, Harriet Evans, Kirsty Robinson. 'Grandmother Song' sung by Gigi Yuna Jacqueline, Kubi May, Joanna Miles, Annie Elliott (original written by Sandy Vaughn, words adapted by the folk process). Soundscape by Annie Elliott. Producer - Director Annie Elliott. Moon Blood painting by Gigi Yuna Jacqueline.