The New Blood Awards 2019 Briefs are here!

  • Matt Thomas

18 real briefs, set by real brands, judged by top creatives. The New Blood Awards are open to students, grads and aspiring creatives aged 18-24 not currently employed in the creative industries.

Why Leave Your Future to Fate?

Take it on. Take a leap. Take on a brief.
Let it take over your thoughts.
Let it loose on your notepad, your laptop, your life.
Starting will be tough, but you have to begin it to win it.
You’ll brave that blank page and battle the block.
Forget the box, think anywhere. Think like no one’s judging.
Now, it is going to get tricky, but welcome the pressure.
This is where you start learning your stripes.
Those hard-won ideas don’t come easy, but they’re worth every single sleepless night.
And after all that, what’s the point? The Pencil. But it’s not the only pay-off.
What you take from the process will take you forward too.
So take on the briefs and take on the future.
You can win, but you can’t lose.

Find out more and see the briefs here.