The No-Office Office Xmas Party (6th Dec)

  • Lauren Ingram

Are you a freelancer with no Christmas party to go to? We got you!

The No-Office Office Xmas Party is on Thursday 6th December and is the freelancer's chance to revel in all the fun of the festive season, without having to worry about going into the office the next morning.
We've got the basement of The Social, a cute bar in Little Portland Street, for the evening. There'll be no awkward small-talk with the boss, just fellow freelancers coming together to celebrate the end of the year.
Tickets are only £5 and include a goodie bag!
(Or bring a buddy and it's two tickets for £8)

Your party elves are:
Power Suit Social - A 1980s-themed creative network that seeks to keep creativity financially viable, hosting events and a podcast with kickass speakers from big-name creative brands to talk about our future
The Professional Freelancer - A newsletter and events series about making a sustainable living as a self-employed writer, produced by Anna Codrea-Rado
Tweet us questions and outfit suggestions @powersuitsocial and @annacod and share your festive photos using the hashtag #noofficexmas

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