The North Face - International Women's Day Film

  • Holly-Marie Cato
  • Parry Tan

I directed and co-edited this docu-film for The North Face shot between the desert town of Al'Hasa Jordan and the UK. This film features groundbreaking female athletes including stunt actor Marie Mouroum, mountaineer Mathilde Becerra, author and ultra-marathon runner Candice Brathwaite and the brilliantly inspiring and entrepreneurial women at Jeresh garment factory. Truly an honor to hold their stories. Director + Stills Photography by me Cinematography Lorena Páges Edit by Matt Felstead / No.8 Sound by Ellis/ 750 MPH Colourist James Bamford / The Mill Translations by Jess Williams Creative Direction Jane Linton / BIG GROUP Exec Production Gemma Marshom / BIG GROUP

Stills captured from the film below