The Old Vic Season 2022-2023

  • Matt Lane-Dixon

For the 2022–2023 season artwork I introduced a textured gradient background, which was a departure from the usual approach of using solid colour. The inspiration came from the look of the theatre building, which has a two-colour paint job on the facade. I reintroduced the use of multiple text colours after the previous season artwork had relied entirely on black text and this gradient approach was then applied across all artwork in the season. There are limitations inherent in the visual identity when it comes to creating the typographic artwork at The Old Vic and ultimately some of this artwork ended up being updated quite early on in the season due to commercial pressures and the need for refreshed visuals, however, my hope is that this can open up the branding a bit more to where the theatre could start to expand upon what can be done with minimal colours and one typeface. Designed with Hollie Marshall and Steph Gallimore.