The One Show - Mini Documentary VT featuring Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA at the Royal Albert Hall

  • Becky Williams

Creating this VT with BBC's The One Show was an opportunity to showcase Cirque's production of LUZIA at The Royal Albert Hall for during its 2020 run. Working with The BBC, One Tribe Productions and the Luzia cast and crew, we created a fascinating look into the world behind one of Cirque's most technical productions. Focusing on the technology behind the show, which includes a rain curtain which sits 46ft above the stage, and uses 174 electromagnetic nozzles to create images with water and negative space. This project saw a huge amount of planning, logistics and strategy, working with both the tour and the production company and the BBC to ensure everything was delivered on time. It was integral to the PR campaign and I'm proud to say it turned out beautifully!

Watch: The One Show logo in the Luzia rain curtain!