The otherworldly creatures in the ocean's deepest depths - Lidia Lins

  • Viviane Leezer

For an animation lesson, TED-Ed approached my design studio, Studio VLI, to direct and animate a lesson from Lidia Lins about deep-sea adaptations. After the success of this animation, TED-Ed approached me again to animate and direct Emma Bryce's lesson about the Muscular system. I was given immense creative freedom in this project in terms of visuals. I made all the designs, storyboards, direction and animated the complete animation. TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Everything they do supports learning — from producing a growing library of original animated videos to providing an international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons to helping curious students around the globe bring TED to their schools and gain presentation literacy skills, to celebrating innovative leadership within TED-Ed’s global network of over 250,000 teachers. TED-Ed has grown from an idea worth spreading into an award-winning education platform that serves millions of teachers and students around the world every week. Credits Educator: Lidia Lins Pereira Script Editor: Emma Bryce Director & Animator: Viviane Leezer Composer: Stephen LaRosa

About 60 percent of the ocean is a cold, dark region that spans down to 11,000 meters. This zone is known as the deep ocean, and though it seems like an inhospitable and remote corner of the planet, it is actually one of the greatest habitats on Earth. Lidia Lins explores how so many species thrive in this mysterious underwater world.