The Prince's Trust - My Big Idea

  • Alexi Mccarthy
  • Frankie Culley

The Prince's Trust's Enterprise programme is an incredible initiative that gives ambitious young people the funding, advice and mentorship to help get their businesses off the ground. The Trust wanted to reach out to young people and give them the confidence to come forward with their business ideas. So we put some comically bad business ideas out and challenged young people to try and top them. A series of badly ‘self-made’ videos kicked off the campaign…

The videos were supported by bus stop posters…

And obviously, social media.

Like any ‘good’ businesses we bought a media plan with Facebook and Instagram, targeting the social feeds of millennials.
Despite working on a shoestring budget and with very little media support, it successfully caught the imagination of our young target audience.


Increase in applicants

11.9 Million

Twitter reach
… and led to huge surges in the charity's Facebook and YouTube fanbases. Job done. 

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