The Princess and the Cervical Screening

  • Hazel Scott

At the moment the perceived negatives of a cervical screening test outweigh the positives, so 1 in 4 eligible women (25-64) in Scotland do not take up their invitation to attend their appointment. There are numerous reasons women don't go including; being too busy, not knowing what it is, thinking they are immune because they've had the HPV vaccine, they are young and healthy so are not worried, embarrassment with their body, and not knowing what to expect, to name a few. We use the classic Disney stories which are well known to women of all ages, to explore the reasons women don't attend their cervical screening, with the resolution that it is worthwhile to go and could save your life.

The campaign focuses on videos shown in the cinema and online which take a look at the unseen side of Disney princess life, which includes attending a cervical screening. We see their reaction to the invitation, their concerns and the resolution that is it worthwhile to attend.
Each video explores a different reason women do not attend their cervical screenings, in a Disney-esque way which softens the delivery of the message, while opening up an under-discussed issue.
Movie-style posters keep the Disney charm alive, as we provide an overview of each princess' Cervical Screening journey. These posters will be placed in cinemas, in bus shelters and on electronic posters around cities in Scotland.
Outdoor stunts add a physical element to the campaign, and adds a touch of Disney magic to public spaces, to gain people's attention and direct people to the videos.
Women are targeted more directly in changing rooms inside high-street stores. Here they will find a princess' dress because - following the Fairy Godmother's advice - they have changed into something more comfortable to go for their Cervical Screening.